Teleworking, the cloud and security: all the advantages of the ISO 27001 standard

As we know, there can be no effective teleworking without collaborative cloud-based tools. But security and data protection must be assured. Faced with this increasingly demanding requirement, the ISO 27001 standard guarantees an effective security strategy. So what, in fact, is this standard all about?

Ozitem obtained ISO 27001 certification on 20 July 2020 for its managed services and cloud offers in France. Issued by AFNOR, it assures all of our customers that we have implemented an effective Information Security Management System (ISMS) to, among other things, identify cyber threats, manage risks associated with crucial information, and implement appropriate protection measures.

What is ISO 27001 ?

What makes this standard different is that it deals with security in terms of risks. A certified service provider must demonstrate that they are aware of the risks to sensitive data, and that they have taken these into account and protected themselves accordingly. This is not just about physical or IT protection, but protection against any loss, theft or alteration of data. It involves a technical and organisational ISMS which encompasses the information systems, processes and employees concerned by these measures.

This standard also makes it possible to identify and reduce all risks related to data, and requires the implementation of a methodology to identify, control and protect it. These risks take various forms, from malicious voluntary or involuntary access, to data alteration or loss (hacking, malfunctions, human error, etc.).

Finally, this standard confirms that the service provider anticipates and reduces risks by continuously improving protection systems, and proves its compliance according to internationally recognised security criteria. The service provider’s ISMS is re-assessed annually, in the form of audits carried out by external, independent bodies.

To put it another way, ISO 27001 certification demonstrates that Ozitem protects each customer’s information and regularly assesses risks in order to anticipate and dramatically mitigate the impact of any security incident on data in terms of its availability, integrity, confidentiality and traceability.

Why choose an ISO 27001-certified service provider?

With ISO 27001 certification, you are sure of having a functional, controlled, secure and scalable system. It allows you to establish a genuine relationship of trust with your service provider and to avail of a reliable and secure cloud for protection of your data.

The standard is an excellent indicator, attesting to Ozitem’s implementation of a real security policy, not just a few “minor measures”. It sets out a series of processes and documentation to ensure compliance with best practices in this area. It represents a security management system which makes it possible to identify threats and dangers, mobilises teams around this common objective, and facilitates regular control of costs related to cybersecurity.

This security approach therefore aims to maintain a strong relationship of trust between clients and the Ozitem group by preserving their data. This is even more important today with the development of teleworking.

To help you, our latest ebook is available to download. Containing lots of examples and practical cases, it will offer you a clearer understanding and allow you to fully seize the opportunities offered by these new teleworking challenges.

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