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Virtualization and Cloud – Migrate to cloud

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Moving to the cloud is about much more than the transition of applications and data. Each migration must be considered with a thorough understanding of the company’s information system and the time required for the transformation.

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Which virtualisation and cloud solutions will boost the availability and performance of your infrastructure ?

  • Virtualisation
    Virtualization of your servers
  • Cloud Hybride
    Hybrid cloud for optimising your infrastructure flows
  • Cloud Public
    Public cloud for your BRP
  • Cloud prive
    Your private cloud for sensitive data in your IS

Our offers

Our expertise in transforming infrastructures to adapt them to cloud technologies comes in 3 steps :
  • Infrastructure audit

    The audit measures the performance of your IT infrastructure and its ability to migrate to the cloud.

    It identifies possible problems such as slowness, application or system malfunctions, cyber attacks, as well as the entire compatibility chain.

    Using tools, we analyse your infrastructure and draw up a report on the existing infrastructure, with recommendations from an expert.

  • Design and architecture

    Our experts work to define and design a future cloud infrastructure which will meet your business expectations: Virtualisation, Private Cloud, Public Cloud and Hybrid Cloud… our expertise will guide you through all these strategic choices.

    Taking account of your development needs in terms of performance, safety and adaptability from the start of the project will guarantee the sustainability of the solutions proposed.

    Thanks to this constructive model, we work with you to make decisions on IS organisation and the role of each element, whether human, hardware or software.

  • Migration & integration

    To remain competitive, a company must anticipate the internal and external IT needs of its organisation, as well as changes which may occur.
    Our experts will help you develop your IS in line with your growth and activities by increasing the performance, security and availability of your Infrastructure:

    • Development of your private cloud capabilities (server integration, SAN storage bays, networks and routers, backup and archiving systems, etc.)
    • Overflow to the public cloud with hybridisation
    • Elasticity of public cloud resources

    We implement proven migration methodologies tailored to your infrastructure and applications, such as Lift & Shift, replatforming or refactoring.



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Our expertise

  • The Ozitem group supports you in operating your infrastructure.

  • We are skilled in all IS building blocks, which allows us to produce custom, tailor-made solutions.

  • Our strategic orientations and choices are guided by technological solutions dedicated to performance, safety and availability.

  • For more 30 years, our know-how has been deployed in the following areas:

    • Systems and Network Virtualization
    • Hyper-convergence
    • IS hybridisation
    • On-prem solutions

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