Network and Security

IT Security – Network and Security

Do you want to make your network more efficient while ensuring the availability and security of your IS?

The IT network is the foundation of a secure and agile information system, enabling a company to optimise its productivity.


You wish to carry out an audit of your computer network?

Why do we need to modernise our LAN, WAN and WLAN, the building blocks of the IS that are often opaque yet vital for the functioning of an organisation?

  • Reseaux fiable
    To benefit from a reliable network
    Through elaborate architecture, careful installation and regular maintenance
  • Reseau secu
    To benefit from a secure network
    Thanks to frequent component updates, log mining and regular auditing
  • Reseau perf
    For an efficient network
    By exploiting statistics, load tests and using SD-NETWORK and SD-WAN technologies

Our offers

3 key steps for the deployment of a secure network :
  • Security audit

    We carry out an audit to analyse the robustness of your IS against real-world attacks:

    • Vulnerability audit
    • Architecture audit
    • Source code audit
    • Configuration audit
  • Design and integration

    Our experts support you in designing your network infrastructure to:

    • Optimize bandwidth, DNS services
    • Ensure the availability and integrity of your data
    • Secure remote-access virtual environments, web and messaging
  • Migration and updating

    During a change or upgrade, we migrate your computer network:

    • Planning
    • Migration
    • Updating

To strengthen the security on your computer network :

Our expertise

  • We are skilled in market network technologies:

    We maintain strong manufacturer partnerships and our experts benefit from product knowledge through certifications and continuous partnership programmes

  • Our architecture know-how ensures a macro vision of your infrastructure

    With global knowledge to understand the precise needs of each organisation

  • We are manufacturer-agnostic

    We take the best technologies from each of them, so that your network suits your needs perfectly

  • We conduct network security, performance and quality auditing tasks

    Before deploying the solution best suited to your context

Our partners

Success story

The company wanted to use a trusted partner capable of analysing and proposing a tailor-made solution responding perfectly to their needs and meeting their strong security constraints.


    In 2019, the group had previously called on the expertise of Ozitem to set up an infrastructure via a Pure Storage partner solution with two storage bays.

    Today, the reinsurer wishes to install two new ones.

    In parallel, it was essential for the customer to redesign the network since the company was designated as an Essential Services Operator, i.e. a provider dependent on information networks or systems, which provides an essential service whose interruption would have a significant impact on the functioning of the economy or society.