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IT Service – Service Centre

Are you looking for an IT service centre that will improve user satisfaction?

The support service must reinvent itself to offer a new experience to users, who no longer simply want a response to their IT problems. With the appropriation of new uses and technologies developing ever more rapidly, IT departments must raise the level of service users can expect. Process and content automation is therefore necessary to shorten response times and increase user satisfaction.

Do you want to set up an IT service centre?

Why use a dedicated service centre?

  • Equipe dedie
    To benefit from a dedicated team
    With on-site technicians, you benefit from a tailor-made team that can adjust to the volume of your activity
  • Adapte client
    For commitments tailored to your needs
    A dedicated service centre includes the establishment of SLAs directly related to your business context
  • sur mesure
    For a continuous improvement plan
    Improvement and productivity gains are key imperatives for an efficient service centre

Our offers

Our Service Centre employees perform roles integrating the performance levels you expect :
  • User support

    This support offer includes taking calls and keeping records. Service centre assistance comes with 2 levels of intervention:

    • Level 1: on-site or outsourced telephone support
    • Level 2: on-site support

    Incidents and requests which cannot be handled at level 1 are escalated to level 2.

  • Telco and telephony support

    We carry out:

    • connection
    • physical wiring
    • configuration of Cisco/Alcatel telephone equipment
    • analogue
    • fax
    • and ADSL lines


  • Audiovisual media

    We offer a full range of services for your audiovisual equipment:


    • Operational maintenance of your meeting rooms
    • User support and training
    • Supervision
    • Remote management
    • Preventive intervention
    • On-site intervention


For more information on the services offered by the service centre :

Our innovations

  • IT Store: autonomous users, an extended time slot for provision of accessories. Discover our IT accessories distributor

    • 3-step easy use
    • Badge or code access
    • Available 24/7
    • No intervention by technicians
    • Real-time stock
    • Automatic stock shortage alert
    • Access rights management
  • Click & Collect: using the same model as the IT Store, this has 3 functions

    • Return of IT accessories the user no longer needs (docking station, mouse, keyboard, etc.)
    • Management of hardware loans not requiring customisation: a code will be provided to the user enabling them to retrieve their loaned hardware at any time of day.
    • On-demand delivery of equipment such as workstations: after preparation by technicians, the workstation will be placed in a locker for the user, and accessed by badge or code.
  • Starcs: an application for planning and monitoring deployment projects

    This application is available in SaaS mode. Hosted in our Data Centre, it offers secure access via HTTPS. Through its web interface, this application offers multiple functionalities:


    • Consult a general schedule overview
    • Complete and modify the deployment schedule
    • Enable auto-planning
    • Assign deployment of a position to a technician,
    • View technician workloads,
    • Produce deployment reports,
    • Create electronic acceptance reports
  • Sentinel: an application to ensure availability of equipment in video-conference rooms and meeting rooms

    To ensure smooth completion of the various control tasks and give our customers room-status visibility, we have developed an application called Sentinel.


    Each room within the TLS scope is fitted with an NFC chip which identifies it and connects it to the application to monitor all elements to be checked.


    Sentinel displays the status of each room in real time via the integrated dashboard