Network as a Service

Network as a Service: our solution for managing your network

Are you looking for an easier way to manage your network while monitoring current and future developments in telecommunications?

The Network as a Service revolution is underway! Network virtualization is growing rapidly, as traditional connectivity solutions no longer meet business needs. The increasing scale of cloud, collaboration and mobility solutions is placing great demand on network infrastructure.

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Why enter the era of Network as a Service?

  • Vitalite
    The heart of an IS
    Today, it is impossible to imagine a company without a network. Lan, Wan, WiFi and VPN are essential for providing the best services to employees.
  • Flexibility
    Your applications will perform better with greater flexibility. No investment in OPEX, and consumption according to your business constraints, click-related, with real monitoring.
  • Expertise
    Our L3 engineers provide you with high service quality, harnessing multiple technologies

Our offers

In its expert capacity, Ozitem is able to offer you 3 great network offers
  • Link

    SD-WAN, private link, Cloud Access (AWS, Azure) or VPN for your teleworkers: we provide and manage a compound, dedicated or private link (fibre/MPLS), with several operator connections, as a means of improving resilience and optimising performance.

  • Internet Access

    We supply you with high-quality Internet, including customised control over latencies and access to available services, across all our points of presence, provided redundantly. Our interconnections with the largest network operators and exchange platforms enable us to offer you high-performance Internet access.

  • Network & Security

    Lan as a Service, WiFi as a Service, Firewall as a Service: we provide you with an infrastructure, complete WiFi coverage and security components, while also offering TLS. Ozitem adapts to your business constraints to offer you greater flexibility and internal mobility, at a lower cost and in complete security.

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Our expertise

  • Provision of OPEX infrastructure

  • Flexibility of infrastructures provided

  • Through-life support

  • In-depth knowledge and constant technology watch

  • Certifications

Our network locations

An extensive network

  • North America
  • South America
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Africa

Our partners

Success story

By choosing Ozitem, the subsidiary of a large insurance group benefited from the responsiveness and agility of our teams.


    Previously digitally integrated with an English group, the client wanted to regain IT independence by rebuilding its entire information system.