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Use custom applications to improve the supervision of your infrastructure ! 

For any organisation whose activities rely on the effectiveness of its information system and its IT tools, implementing good performance management of IT infrastructures is essential.

Want to improve the performance of your IT infrastructure by developing custom applications?

How can IT production supervision be optimised?

  • By integrating IT management tools
  • By integrating user support management tools
  • Outils speci
    By developing specific tools

Our offers

Custom solutions tailored to your needs
  • Development solutions

    Specific & tailor-made development for key account needs. STARCS is an innovative tool enabling efficient management of the workstation renewal process. We have also developed the Touch4Help tool, an application that provides alerts for VIP functions.

  • Supervision solutions

    Supervision of your Internet services and business applications. Equipped with the best tools, the team helps you choose the solution best suited to your needs. From technical supervision to service forecasting, our experts address needs related to the performance of your applications and their availability.

  • Orchestration solutions

    The configuration of our CIs is fully automated. The deployment of virtual machines, the patching of our servers and the backup and centralisation of our configurations, for example, are managed via Ansible.

  • Our Big Data solution

    The innovation and performance team chose the Splunk solution for their work on IT Analytics and for producing IT dashboards and securing the IS.

  • End-user application solutions

    We monitor your critical applications to align your IT department with business requirements. We work with the major APM players on the market.

  • ITSM solutions

    We use iTop, which offers the vast majority of ITIL services and can manage changes, incidents, user requests and services. The solution covers all ITIL processes and can interface with your existing tools thanks to the integrated data synchronization mechanism.

You want to develop custom monitoring applications?

Our expertise

  • Industrialisation of infrastructure migration

  • Development of orchestration APIs

  • Implementation of APM solutions tailored to your needs

  • Evolution of applications using Containers as a Service

    • Through our partnership with Docker
    • To achieve increased scalability
    • And faster delivery cycles

Our partners and dev tools

Success story

The Digital Factory, a team of about ten experts, took over the development of the language.

  • A famous financial auditing firm benefits from a custom application for managing their assets.

    Ozitem was able to offer the auditing firm a tailor-made application to centralise essential information mainly related to simplification of the work of technicians in the context of equipment management.

  • How did Ozitem industrialize the data related to the mission of a business unit at a butane and propane gas supplier?

    The Ozitem group understood the business challenge and proposed to use the Python language that the client had mastered in order to automate the tool.