Enterprise cloud solution: our cloud offering

Are you looking to make your business more agile through hosting adapted to your busines challenges and user oriented  ?

Unlike traditional hosting, data is hosted on an ultra-connected multi-site cloud platform, which offers greater flexibility and scalability.

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Why choose cloud hosting?

  • Scalability and responsiveness
    Cloud hosting adapts to seasonal demand while also simplifying operational complexity.
  • Pay-per-use model
    Granularity by hour or even by minute. Only resources used are billed, unlike the flat rates of traditional hosting.
  • Reliability
    Hardware failures do not lead to outages, since sites and applications are hosted on a server network. Traffic passes through separate network interfaces, where it is isolated and kept secure.

Our offers

As a cloud provider, Ozitem is able to propose 6 managed cloud offers
  • Digital Cloud

    Implementation of a client-dedicated infrastructure as per the services catalogue and hosted on Ozitem’s IaaS.

    You get to decide which shared Ozitem resources you need to host your infrastructure.

    Click & Cloud: the new-generation French PaaS cloud platform, for developing, testing and deploying a wide range of applications.

  • Public Cloud

    Host your infrastructure in a shared Azure or AWS environment. The contract with the host is covered by Ozitem or by the customer.

  • Private Cloud

    Store your data in a Private Cloud infrastructure that ensures complete confidentiality between each platform.

  • Corporate Cloud

    Construction of a custom, client-dedicated infrastructure on Ozitem’s IaaS.

    You use Ozitem’s shared resources to host your own infrastructure.

  • Dedicated Cloud

    Dedicated, bespoke, high quality, secure, reinforced architecture.

    Security and governance are tailored to your specific needs.

  • Hybrid Cloud

    Bespoke offer, homogeneous management of heterogeneous environments.

    With the hybrid cloud, you have a huge choice of deployment models.

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Our expertise

  • Migration to a cloud infrastructure.

  • Hybridisation between private and public clouds (overload, DRaaS, BaaS).

  • Monitoring platform, administration and operation

  • Auditing and optimisation of public cloud services and billing

  • Cloud architecture design

Our locations

3 Datas Centers

  • Asia
  • North America
  • Europe

An extensive network

  • North America
  • South America
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Africa

Our partners

Success story

Ozitem went further than the service originally requested: the group continues to offer its expertise to YouLead.


    YouLead is a web agency which develops websites

    and referencing solutions.

    They offer a turnkey service overseeing the 

    development, hosting and referencing of 

    their clients’ websites 

    (e-commerce, etc.)