Audiovisual Ecosystem

Internal communication solution

Do you want to optimise your space and make full use of your infrastructure to improve your internal/external communication?

Digital transition has given rise to new ways of working together. Whether your staff are present on site or remotely, it is essential to coordinate and implement the tools and equipment necessary to provide solutions for maintaining your employees’ productivity.

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Why integrate audiovisual solutions?

  • Experience
    Unique experience
    With our expertise, we can provide you with reliable and sustainable audiovisual solutions. The technologies offered will facilitate the use of shared spaces.
  • Communication
    Enhanced communication
    Thanks to these digital tools, users can work more closely. Messages are clear and communicated instantly to a given audience.
  • Retour_Invest
    Return on investment
    Solutions for better management of your shared spaces, and for sending essential messages to anyone, anywhere. Understand actual resource use.

Our offers

360° experience
  • Equipping your environment

    • Lobby
    • Meeting room
    • Maintenance room
    • Boardroom
    • Auditorium
  • Innovative solutions

    • Dynamic display
    • Room and seat reservation tools
    • IPTv
    • Home automation / Property: automated systems to simplify the user experience
  • Services tailored to your needs

    • Predictive maintenance
    • Equipment supervision
    • One-stop shop

Do you want a 360° experience?

A 3-step experience

  • Advice

    Consulting – Audit, engineering, definition, design and audiovisual architecture


  • Support

    Installation, intégration, programmating and training


  • Through-life support

    Monitoring, operation and development

Do you want to adopt collaborative solutions?

Our partners

Success story

The customer needed an integrator to help them implement new audiovisual collaboration solutions.


    This group is a subsidiary owned by an agricultural cooperative. Their relationship with the largest cereal cooperative in Europe gives them access to quality barley throughout the year.