Managed Services

Managed Services: managed services for your business

Do you want to outsource your infrastructure in order to focus on your core activities while meeting your strategic and business challenges?

Managed Services bring together all outsourced services in a shared service centre, providing through-life support for the IS.

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Why outsource the management of your infrastructure to Ozitem, whether in the cloud or in a data centre?

  • Infra
    24/7 handling of your infrastructure
    Our Operations Centre, spread over 3 sites: 2 in France, 1 in Vietnam, ensures that your infrastructures are maintained in operational condition.
  • An Ops Centre represented by 40 engineers
    Our Operations Centre handles incidents and requests from IT services within the infrastructure remit.
  • Reseau_Secu
    Network and security experts at your service
    Choosing our offer is your guarantee of complete facilities management, with technical support and a helpdesk at your disposal, as well as a constant technology watch to meet all your future needs.

Our offers

Our Managed Services offer covers recurring tasks
  • Managed Services - Governance

    Our service oversees everything from A to Z, while giving you access to service quality indicators. As your privileged contact, the Service Delivery Manager ensures that contractual service levels are met and continuous improvements are made in the provision of managed services.

  • Monitoring

    The Ops Centre sees that the right tools are used to ensure correct functioning of infrastructure and to monitor it within a defined scope. Supervision generates alerts which will, after removal of doubt, be classified as incidents by the Operations Centre.

  • Support

    Two expert support teams (Ops Centre and Service Desk) handle incidents within a defined infrastructure or office-automation scope.

    The Ops Centre is in contact with infrastructure administrators while the Service Desk maintains direct contact with users.

  • Proximity

    Two options

    • A local support service on the client’s site which handles user incidents within an office-automation or audiovisual scope.
    • A “proximity prevention” Service Desk which carries out checks and maintenance within the same scope in order to prevent any incidents.
  • Operation

    Our Ops Centre and Service Desk experts strive to maintain a defined infrastructure or office-automation scope in operational condition.

  • Administration

    Our Ops Centre and Service Desk teams handle requests from administrators or users within an infrastructure or office-automation scope.

  • Preventive maintenance

    Using the Sentinel application, you can monitor preventive maintenance interventions on shared space equipment.

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Our expertise

  • Ressources monitoring

    Management and procedural processing of supervision alerts (L1)

  • Operation

    Non-procedural handling of incidents (L2 and L3)

  • Administration

    Change management

  • Support available 24/7

    Management and supervision by our Operations Centre based on 3 separate sites (Levallois, Toulouse and Ho-Chi-Minh-City)

Our partners

Success story

Thanks to the solutions offered, the client can avail of the expertise of the Ozitem group’s various teams.


    Hosted and managed by an interest grouping together with other pension funds, the client changes its organisation system: the funds are separated, so that it becomes digitally independent.