Ozitem Group obtains ISO 27001 certification

On 20 July 2020, the Ozitem Group obtained ISO 27001 certification, covering its Managed Services and Cloud offers in France.

Issued by AFNOR following a strategic project initiated in 2019, this certification guarantees that we have implemented an effective Information Security Management System (ISMS) based on the international reference standard, ISO 27001.

The milestone proves that the Ozitem Group has defined a methodology for:

Identifying cyber threats

Controlling risks associated with crucial information within our organisation

Implementing appropriate protective measures to ensure the confidentiality, availability, integrity and traceability of information.

Our security approach aims to maintain the relationship of trust between clients and the Ozitem group through preservation of their information assets, and brings us openings in new markets more concerned with the security of their data and systems.

This success reflects the strong commitment of our employees and the constant desire of the Group’s management to meet the operational requirements of our clients.

As an assurance of credibility and security, ISO 27001 certification is a key step towards the Ozitem group’s next challenge: Health Data Hosting certification.

The Ozitem Group supports its customers with the development and maintenance of their Information Systems, making innovation part of their everyday experience.