Who are the key stakeholders for outsourcing your infrastructure management?

IT is constantly evolving, and it is becoming increasingly difficult for IT managers to keep up with the pace of change while continuing to provide high quality services safeguarding the company’s security.

At Ozitem, managed services are not limited to a series of technical tasks or IT solutions. From the start of a project, there is an absolute need for the company to avail of a team with complementary skills.

A pre-sales manager

The pre-sales manager works closely with the company, particularly when drafting the specifications. This is not a sales agent, but an impartial and essential facilitator, who will ensure that the expectations of the company are matched by the possibilities offered by the managed services.

A project manager

The project manager oversees implementation and operational management of the deployment project, ensuring compliance with the cost, quality and lead-time commitments set out in the contracts. They also manage construction operations and ensure compliance with predefined action plans. In addition, they monitor compliance with quality processes, as determined by the ISO 9001 standard.

The quality manager

The quality manager implements a structural and systemic approach and ensures that all teams have the processes, methods and tools to enable them to provide a service in line with customer expectations, while continuously improving it. As such, this quality approach incorporates the ITIL best practices which are applicable to our businesses.

The Services Delivery Manager (SDM)

The Service Delivery Manager is the company’s preferred point of contact. They guarantee contractual commitments and service monitoring. They are, in a sense, the “customer’s eye” at Ozitem, making sure that everything is running smoothly. Their duties can be summed up in two key points: customer satisfaction, and guaranteeing that the service contract is properly executed.

Experts for every need

Ozitem provides clients with expert specialists, who are part of the Projects & Production Division, covering multiple areas such as networks and security, networks and virtualisation, etc. These are engineers with advanced qualifications (Cisco CCIE, CCNP, etc.), able to provide precise expertise according to customer needs.

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