10 key words to convince management to move to the Cloud

With the development of teleworking, it is essential for many companies to abandon traditional, costly systems and migrate to the cloud. Yet many IT managers still face misconceptions and distrust, often from management. Nonetheless, the cloud has been embraced by companies of all sizes, in all sectors, all around the world. Here are ten key words to convince your management to adopt it.

1. Agility and adaptability

The cloud is your greatest ally in terms of flexibility, thanks to its adaptability to constantly changing needs. It frees the company from IT constraints, whether in terms of power, storage space, or number of users. Its capacities can be adjusted in real time, whatever the need, allowing unhampered development and adaptation to changing market constraints.

2. Development and innovation

The Cloud is thus an asset for business development. In addition, major providers such as Ozitem have a global network of servers which provide fast access to data, at any time, from anywhere on the planet. This architecture is a major asset internationally. Plus, the cloud can play an important role in business model transformation, by enabling the creation of new services and tools for clients and employees, without technical limitation. Data storage volumes are constantly increasing and reaching levels that are financially and technically unsustainable. Accordingly, the only way to deal with this is the cloud, with its power and highly scalable capacities.

3. Control and security

With the cloud, companies retain control and ownership of their data. They can also encrypt it, whether at rest or in transit, and control access to it.

And they will also enjoy the best security guarantees (against cyberattacks, natural disasters, industrial espionage, etc.). ISO 27001-certified cloud providers such as Ozitem guarantee optimal data security, integrity and confidentiality, by means of multiple and regularly updated levels of protection.

4. Cash flow and investments

With the Cloud, it is no longer necessary to invest massively in IT equipment and ensure its regular maintenance. This reduction in investment expenses therefore represents a source of savings, which can be directed towards more strategic needs.  With its subscription packages, the cloud is highly flexible, and when needs become greater you can simply request further capacity, without the bill increasing dramatically.

5. Teleworking and productivity

To be productive, a teleworker must be able to easily access all the documents required for their daily tasks, regardless of their location. They must also be able to share them with colleagues in their department or other departments, as teamwork remains essential. Not to mention being able to send and receive files without size or format limitations. Teleworking can therefore only operate with an efficient cloud, a truly effective and fully secure collaborative workspace (see above).

The cloud therefore has an immediate impact on a company’s cost reduction and operational efficiency. It also significantly increases employee productivity when teleworking. Provided, however, that you are protected against risks by using a service provider such as Ozitem, which will offer you full guarantees in terms of capacity and security.

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