Protecting yourself from cyber attacks: the 3 essential pillars in 2021!

This year, the question is not so much whether you will be the victim of a hack, but rather when!

Latest major example unveiled on December 13: the digital spy campaign that potentially began in March 2020 which could have affected thousands of customers of the American company SolarWinds, which provides solutions for the management and supervision of their computer networks to many public institutions and large international companies.

We wanted to reassure all of our customers that we are not using the SolarWinds solution, so you have not been exposed to this threat through this.

On the other hand, our duty as an expert in IT infrastructures is to offer security consulting and protection solutions in order to organize your IT security to get 2021 off to a good start.

  • PROTECT ! How ? Performing an ongoing internal security risk audit is a great way to get your organization on track with data protection and security threat management. To know more click here
  • CONTROL! Why ? Gartner believes that the traditional antivirus software market is outdated. EDR software is very responsive in detecting and stopping threats.
  • SAVE ! for what  ? 
    The ultimate bulwark against cyber threats is the establishment of a solid backup plan. A production back-up solution allows to set up  a DR associated with a high-performance backup and recovery solution

Do not wait any longer and put in place a solid IT security policy with a prevention strategy.

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