Managed services : how does it work ?

Managed services : from digital transformation to IT revolution

Managed services are grouping together a large panel of performances including technical and applicative monitoring, alert control and  management, maintenance, incident and problems solving, security, systems and devices updates.
Based on concepts such as industrialization or pooling, they allow CIOs to significantly rethink their missions, their work organization and their role in the company.

From a centralized management …

Managed services is not only an outsourcing contract of a part or your whole IS. It’s a real added value lever. From performance gains to more efficiency and agility, managed services aim to offer CIOs the opportunity to be a key player in a company facing the several challenges of digitalization.

By bringing together hardware and software components, a managed services offer aims to provide an integrated and centralized offering to simplify IT management, while providing collaborative and highly available services to users.

They should not be reduced to a series of technical services performances and solutions. First, it is the provision of a set of useful resources to assist the CIO with each decision-making. A centralized managed services offering is based on a holistic approach combining IT infrastructure, user environment and IT support. Faced with growing employee requirements, it must offer all of these functionalities within an environment built for teamwork.

… to an increased security

Managed services also play a main role regarding IT security. They are usually ensuring a higher level of security, compare to what companies can deploy on their own.
Indeed, securing you IT environment are becoming increasingly complex. The skills needed to protect your IT environments against cyber threats are highly specialized and are rarely available in-house. Managed services providers work on these issues on a regular basis and their costs are smoothed over several clients. They regularly adapt “best practices” to offer absolute security to each infrastructure entrusted. Not to mention that they often offer annual security audits. For an optimal security guarantee!

Managed services is the new way of outsourcing infrastructure management processes by offering a co-management and partnership framework. It’s a new way of working for CIO and CIO team for a radical change of its role: bringing gain of time, expertise as and when it’s required, and to face IT environment which are constantly evolving with more serenity – while providing high quality and secured IT services.

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