4 advantages of back up as a service

In a world where the Cloud keep growing and where Big Data is becoming increasingly important, companies are entrusting the management of their backups to a third party company specialized in such solution.

Indeed, they generally tend to favor remote backup solutions in order to be able to fully focus on their core business but also to lighten the burden of daily backup procedures.
In addition, companies want to make sure they can recover their data in the event of a loss.

What is back up as a service ?

The principle consists in outsourcing the whole back up scope to a specialized third-party company. The justification of this is to allow companies to save time on back up job and operation but also to provide an increased security over locally stored data.

Several reasons can guide the choice of « back up as a service »

  • First of all, security is reinforced: Indeed, there is no comparison between the security of an online backup compare to a local backup, since the online accounts are accessible and secured by password.
    In addition, encryption in the Cloud ensures that no one can use them outside of your workstations. In the event of a problem (e.g. natural disasters, power failure, data corruption, etc.), a fast restoration is carried out. However, it is important that the backup is framed by the legal notices in force or even notified to end users.
  • Accessible / available data: This solution has another advantage which is the omnipresence of data: it is indeed accessible wherever you are in the world by simply logging into your account. Not only do you gain in accessibility, but in addition, the storage space is considerable. All you need is an internet connection to access it instantly.
  • A competitive solution: You realize savings by not investing in hardware and costly infrastructure and the data cost of the cloud is minimal. In addition, the storage space is adaptable and expendable upon company’s need
  • Automated backups are done without having to think about it: backup as a service allows you to perform automated backups at regular intervals, or real time synchronizations.
    This type of service also provides solution updates and maintenance. In addition, thanks to this new generation of online applications, data hosting is provided by a business expert who daily stores and manages applications, IT services and servers from a highly secured hosting center.

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